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At the core of holistic well-being lies an understanding of your body beyond the conventional metrics. Our Metabolic Health Screening is a comprehensive approach to unveiling the intricate details of your body composition and heart health, providing you with valuable insights into your overall health and fitness.


Body Composition: Beyond the Numbers

Body composition is the nuanced measure of your body’s composition— encompassing fat, water, bone, muscle, skin, and other lean tissues. Knowing your body composition is pivotal because it goes beyond the scale, differentiating between fat and muscle percentages. Two people can weigh the same, but have very different wellness and fitness needs because of their body composition, so they might have distinct wellness needs, and our screening helps unravel these differences.

Why It Matters?

Understanding your body composition is crucial in assessing your overall health and fitness. While a bathroom scale merely reflects your weight, our screening delves into the specifics of your body fat percentage. Less fat and more muscle tends to point toward a better level of health.

Key Benefits of Heart Health: A Deeper Dive

Our Metabolic Health Screening goes beyond the surface, offering a thorough assessment of your heart health.

Detect Heart Disease & Arteriosclerosis in 1 Minute

Our screening process is swift, non-invasive, with swift precision, it identifies potential heart issues swiftly, ensuring you receive timely insights into your cardiovascular health. Our commitment to a quick yet thorough examination allows for proactive management and early intervention, setting the foundation for a heart-healthy lifestyle.

Track Improvement of Arteries and Circulation

Providing a detailed report on arterial stiffness, our screening allows you to actively monitor and enhance your cardiovascular health, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your arteries’ condition and blood circulation.

Arterial Health Score

Utilizing a sophisticated algorithm, our Max Pulse test provides a precise assessment of arterial hardening. The 1-7 scoring system delivers accurate results, even highlighting early signs of congestive heart failure or heart weakening.

Autonomic Balance Test

Beyond heart health, our screening includes a heart rate variability test, unveiling insights into your autonomic nervous system. It indicates stress levels, whether your sympathetic nervous system is dominant, and even assesses fatigue or dominance of the parasympathetic system. The stress score assigned aids in understanding how well you cope with stress.

Prioritize Your Heart Health Today!

Book your Max Pulse test for swift and non-invasive insights into your cardiovascular well-being. Detect potential heart issues in just one minute, track artery progress, and gain detailed reports on arterial stiffness. Take proactive steps towards a healthier future. Schedule now and invest in your heart’s well-being!

How It Works: The Max Pulse Test

Our Max Pulse test is non-invasive and uses a photoelectric clip on the fingertip. By measuring the blood at the fingertip, the Max Pulse can graph the heartbeat as it moves through systolic and diastolic. When a person’s arteries are flexible, the pressure at the fingertip has specific deviations as the arteries flex. If the person’s arteries are very stiff, the graph becomes very tight and regular. The machine performs an analysis of the arterial pulse wave by using a very sophisticated algorithm to track variations in the graph that are not visible to the naked eye and then interprets those results against a large body of research. The result is an assessment of arterial hardening that is very accurate.

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