Gymstick Classes

Welcome to our Gymstick Classes, we offer a unique and versatile workout designed to enhance your overall fitness. Our classes focus on strengthening muscles, improving mobility, and fostering better posture through the use of specially designed resistance bands attached to the Gymstick.


What to Expect in a Gymstick Class

Our Gymstick classes provide a dynamic and guided experience for participants of all fitness levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, our instructors will lead you through a series of exercises, ensuring a safe and effective workout every time. Say goodbye to worries about your starting point – we’ve got you covered!

Benefits of Gymstick Classes

Improve Balance

The Gymstick’s innovative design, incorporating resistance bands on both sides, challenges your body’s balance by creating a unique line of pull away from gravitational forces. This not only enhances your body’s ability to stay in alignment but also reduces the risk of injury. Improve your balance and stability with each session.

Increase Muscle Strength

Engage in repetitive movements with controlled resistance to build muscle strength and tone specific areas of your body. Gymstick classes involve comprehensive workouts that target every part of your body, contributing to increased muscle strength over time.

Better Posture

Good posture is key to overall well-being, affecting your daily activities. Gymstick plays a crucial role in enhancing stability, flexibility, balance, and strength – all of which are integral to achieving and maintaining proper posture. As you incorporate Gymstick into your weekly exercise routine, you’ll find these exercises becoming easier with consistent practice and proper technique.

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Discover the transformative power of Gymstick classes. Whether you’re looking to improve balance, increase muscle strength, or enhance your posture, our classes provide a holistic approach to fitness. Join us for a session and experience the positive impact Gymstick can have on your overall well-being.

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