John Dwyer Strength & Conditioning

“The difference between extraordinary and ordinary is that little EXTRA”

our services


We at JD S&C cater for people of all levels from complete beginners to international athletes, and everyone in between


We have a wide range of services on site provided by our onsite Neuromuscular Physical Therapist


We believe nutrition is much more that a calorie exchange. We will help you with our simple easy to follow guidelines on how to life a healthier happier life.


If you are not testing you are guessing, we test as much as we can in out facility from mobility, body fat, heart rate variablitiy and more.

A little about us

I founded JD S&C back in 2013, i had a background in playing football and I was always interested in the fitness industry. So i decided to dive in and start my own gym. It has been fun along the way.

What is unique about us

We are the only gym in Ireland that has an ETPE Inertial machine. This machine is a superior machine when it come to injury preventing and rehabilitation also. It works your muscles in a way that conventional machine can not. We also are the only facility in Ireland to have the EPTE Percutanious Electrolysis which is fantastic for treating tendonopaty.