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Naas personal training specializing in helping locals lose weight, tone up and have more energy

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Why are we different

Fun and friendly

To make exercise part of your everyday life it needs to be fun and something you enjoy doing instead of a chore. When you enjoy exercising it makes a lot easier to maintain your motivation long term and achieve long term success and weight loss.


We have a very friendly and welcoming community giving it the feel of one big family. Everyone is encouraging and supportive no matter what the fitness levels and help each other every step of the way both in and out of the gym.

That little extra

We will always do that little extra to help make sure you are always at your best and your journey is as stress free as possible. Whether you need help with a training program while traveling, deciding what best to eat when you are out with friends or making sure that niggling injury doesn’t bother you anymore. We will also help keep you on track with check ins to make sure you are still on the right path.

Personalised to YOU

Everyone is different so as a result we provide programs specific to each individuals needs and requirements. All your sessions are fully supervised by a coach to ensure you are doing everything correct. We don’t have mirrors to pose in and always keep classes small to ensure you get as much attention as you need at all times.

Your next step

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Success Stories

I’ve Started and finished a 6 week program with John and his Team, I have been a member of numerous gyms in the past and hated it as I wasn’t getting results I wanted, so wanted to try something different and I am happy I did come across “JD Strength and Conditioning” on my social media Platform, the system they use, the class size numbers, the equipment, facilities it’s everything anyone could want or need to start their fitness journey. The motivation to keep going and succeed has been there every step of the way when I needed it and I will be continuing with my plan because after the 6 weeks I have toned up felt more energetic and become more confident in myself! So thank you all for that and I look forward to continuing on my fitness journey!!

Annmarie Flanagan 

I started with John over 6 weeks ago . I was overweight and not great mobility and of course going through the menopause which is a hurdle on its own .since I have started my training my mobility is near 100% and I look forward to going to the gym as there is no judgement at all , which I found in other places I attended. I am in my 50’s and thought I would not get my strength and fitness back but it is coming back thanks to JD strength and conditioning. Its never to late to start.

Christine Swords 

I had the pleasure of doing a 6 week course with John. His attendance to me was fantastic. Between the exercises and the acupuncture I came away with a new lease of life. I will be attending again in preparation for Christmas. I would highly recommend.

Aidan Campion

Very knowledgeable on all aspects of strength and conditioning as well as general health and nutrition. Personal attention providing assessment and training programmes to meet your needs. I also used their physical therapy services for a calf injury with great success. Friendly and welcoming atmosphere no matter what your level.

Dave Mitten 

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