The power of broth

In today’s world of hurry, hurry, hurry we have lost the art of real healthy cooking. We have forgotten one food source that not only tastes the best. However has so many health benefits that you might wonder how we survive without it. This food is broth!

When it is properly prepared it is full of minerals (such as calcium, magnesium and potassium). This is from the bone, cartilage, marrow and vegetables as electrolytes. This is hugely beneficial because these electrolytes are easily assimilated by the body.


The gelatine derived from these broths has so many health benefits that most people are completely oblivious to. Firstly gelatine acts as an aid to digestion. It has been used by many in the treatment of intestinal disorders. Gelatine enables the body to fully utilize the complete proteins that it consumes. It can also be used to treat many chronic diseases such as anaemia, diabetes, diseases of the blood, muscular dystrophy and cancer.

A person who uses broth on a regular basis is providing themselves with constant protection from many health problems!

Chicken broth has been proven to help prevent flu’s. It can also be used to prevent and mitigate infectious diseases. Fish broth where the whole fish is used has been proven to be extremely rich in minerals including iodine. However even more importantly if you use the fish head in your broth then you will be getting the thyroid gland of the fish also.

The thyroid gland of animals has been used for centuries in eastern cultures. It was used to help rejuvenate elderly people to help them feel younger, more energetic and restore mental abilities. It has also been believed that it has contributed to virility.


We also need these gelatine rich diets to help strengthen our bodies.

Approximately 15% of your dry body mass is made up of collagens. These collagens are an extra cellular protein that enables your skin to move, stretch and return to its normal shape.

Collagen is not just in our skin but all over our bodies, strengthening all our tissues. Without it we would fall apart into small piles of individual cells. In our daily lives this collagen gets damaged and needs repair. The best possible way for us to repair this collagen is to consume it in our diets using broths.

The reason for this is because these broths are so rich in glycosaminoglycan’s. These naturally go to where they are most needed in the body. Whether that be to moisten your skin, help your tendons and ligaments stay supple or just make you look younger!


But here is another major benefit of broths!

It can be used to get rid of that cellulite you hate so much! Cellulite forms in fat deposits that lack adequate connective tissue struts to support a smooth shape. To remedy this problem though all you need to do is combine exercise with a diet that is rich in healthy fats. This is including animal fat and collagen rich broths.

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