The fitness industry con

You are the victim of one the greatest cons of our time.

Every year your local gym waits just behind the New Year. They are ready and armed with some fancy advertising campaign. They have one goal – to lure you into registering for a 6 or 12 month gym membership.

At this time you are emotionally charged after the holiday period and are vulnerable to these ads.

They know this and take full advantage of your state.

The false promises

They fill you with false promises of losing weight and dropping dress sizes after your Christmas and New Year of over indulgences. But they fail every time to actually fulfill this promise.

Why is that?

It is because they  have no interest in you as a person or your goals. You are just another number to them. Another stat on their paperwork and another paycheck they need to tick off.

You will meet with your trainer for your 5 minute consultation. Then poof just like magic your trainer who is so dedicated to you and your goals is gone as quickly as he appeared.

They are more interested in looking at themselves and posting their latest instagram and than listening to your needs.  So is it any wonder they fail to put in place a program that will actually help you to achieve your goals.

Yes they will provide you with the space and equipment to train.

However unless you have the know how you are flogging a dying horse. Some last longer than others but eventually everybody falls off the horse.

You become another stat

of course it couldn’t be the fault of the gym. They gave you everything you needed to succeed. Didn’t they?

Then you are portrayed as not having any will power and just another statistic.

These gyms never address the real problem that is staring them clearly in the face. They are the problem not you and they are definitely not the solution to your problems.

They are not in it to help you and make you look and feel better they are only there to take money.

It is NOT your fault that you didn’t get the results you wanted. Nor is it your fault you ended up becoming disillusioned and stopped going to the gym.

You were never provided with what you needed to be successful in your endeavor in the gym in the first place.

I was in that boat myself. In my younger years I trained in a commercial gym and had my own trainer. We met on my first day had a little chat about where I wanted the training to go. Then he made my program, the first training session he brought me around showed me all the machines. After that I was off to my own devices and was never consulted by the trainer again. I was never asked if I was any closer to my goals or asked how my program was going.

That doesn’t sound much like a trainer to me but that is the service that you are getting in a commercial gym.

Lack of passion and knowledge

Also the information provided by these trainers has to ensure it goes with national guidelines for insurance purposes. This information has been scientifically shown to be false in so many cases and in fact inhibits you from achieving the goals that you have set yourself. But they have to spin you this yarn partly because they know no better and only look at what they do as a job not a passion.

They are not truly interested in providing the best results for you. Once they collect their pay check at the end of the week they are happy.

I am happy to say that this is starting to change in Ireland. There are so many trainers with their own gym’s dotted all around the country that are really providing an ethical approach to training. This is causing the standards in the fitness industry to rise with them and I am proud to say I can include myself on the list.

Sorry but yes you will still have to hand over your money.

Yes it will be more expensive than what you will pay at a commercial gym.

You can rest assured though that you will get a real top quality service. You will be with somebody who actually wants you to achieve your goals and cares about how your training is going.

The difference is simple

If you train with a small independent personal trainer your custom is valued. Without your support they would have no business so they value all members more than any commercial gym.

Where as your trainer in your commercial gym will get paid regardless of you getting your results or not.

With a good trainer you will be listened to and feel valued.

You will start to see a dramatic improvement in results in just a fraction of the time.

You will

  • move better
  • have more energy
  • look and feel better
  • have more confidence
  • and be happier.