At JDSC we understand that if someone is looking to perform at peak performance it is important that we first set a baseline to see exactly where you are starting from and then we can monitor and track your progress.

It doesn’t matter if you are training for athletic performance or human performance without understanding your starting point you cannot track improvement.

We have established testing protocol’s for athletic performance and for everyday human performance to help you unlock your true potential.

We can offer group and individual testing field based testing, subclinical health screening and sport specific testing.

We offer performance testing such as:

  • Movement Tests
  • Max Strenght
  • Acceleration
  • Max Speed
  •  Counter Movement Jump
  • Drop Jumps
We also offer health tests such as:
  • Heart Rate Variability
  • Body Fat Percent
  • Heart Rate 
  • Blood Pressure
We are also the only facility in Ireland to offer EPTE Inertial Machine that tests you both in the Concentric and Eccentric phase of contraction.