Take control of your health

You will always find a health expert everywhere you go.Somebody who always wants to give their opinion and think they are right. They read this book last week and now they know everything about health.

They sit their giving a running commentary on your meal. “That can’t be good for you”. “What are you eating today?” “There is too much in that”.

Yet they sit their stuffing their mouth with sugar laden snacks and meals.

However because they have an opinion they think everybody needs to hear it.

How can people be so ignorant about their health?

Q. I buy you a Ferrari now but this will be the one and only car that you will have for the rest of your life. Will you look after it?

A. oh of course I will

Q. then why will you not do the same with your body?

We only get the one

Our bodies are the same as that Ferrari. When we are born we are blessed to have a fully functioning and healthy body. It is the only one we will get, so why then do we continue to abuse it and fill it full of crap until we die?

We have to draw a line in the sand at some stage. Take responsibility for our own decisions and educate ourselves!

We all see the adverts on TV where this new product or that new product is being endorsed. It is portrayed to be the next best thing ever! Sure, it must be good because the TV said so!

We are too easily convinced and forget that these people are running a business. They do not care about you or your health. All they care about at the end of the year is their profit figures and the bigger it is the better.

If you don’t stand up and take control of your life and your health then nobody else will!

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