Scientific look at the dangers of excess body fat

When we are overweight or in an obese state our bodies are in a state of inflammation. This state of inflammation is very dangerous and exposes our bodies to an endless list of potential diseases.

A scientific over-view

It is this state of constant inflammation within the body that causes a constant release of TNFa. In normal circumstances TNFa is responsible for the killing off of cancer cells within the body. When it is being continuously produced the outcome of what it does is completely unpredictable.

Excess TNFa causes an increase in the production of NF-Kappa B. In normal circumstances NF-Kappa B works is the emergency switch board within your cells and is present in each and every cell.

When activated NF-Kappa B travels to the DNA of the cell and tells the DNA what proteins are required to fight the stressor and survive. However excess NF-Kappa B is instrumental in the development of serious disease. The reason for this is because excess NF-Kappa B activates the substance call granulocyte macrophage colony stimulating factor (GH-CSF). GM-CSF is a growth factor and facilitates the growth of cells possibly to the point of being resistant to normal death mechanisms. This is where it becomes dangerous because if cancer can hijack this mechanism it can be very difficult if not impossible to kill.

The goal of cancer is to survive while it destroys the human body. By hijacking NF-Kappa B the cancer is using the cells own defence mechanism to perpetuate its own survival and to kill other cells.

So it stands to reason that if we can keep our bodies fit and healthy we will not allow this cascade within our bodies to increase our risk of developing cancer. We all know and understand obesity is not the only way cancer forms but it is a significant one and one that we have control of.

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