Being overweight is hard

Being overweight is hard

People find it difficult to understand if they have never experienced it. I train people and groups all the time in my gym in Naas who are simply confused at this point. You are bombarded with information day in and day out of how to lose weight.

There would be no overweight people in the world if it was that simple!

Nobody wants to be overweight. Nobody is happy being overweight. No matter how much they try to convince others that they are.

Eat less and do more exercise.

WHY DO YOU KEEP SAYING THIS?! This is clearly not the solution because it simply does not work for so many people.

Often there are other things going on

  1. Sub-clinical health problems
  2. Chronic health issues
  3. Psychological issues

You need to correct the underlying health or psychological issue or no amount of dieting and exercise will work.

Family and friends, with the best intentions, tend to inform you what you should be doing. The media are always telling you what you need to be doing! This does not help, and often harder for people to move forward and lose weight.

When you are overweight you are your own worst critic. Fueled by constant media bombardment about how you can “lose 10 pounds in a week.” Then it is no wonder you feel like a failure when you don’t lose those 10 pounds. The self sabotage commences with immediate effect and the spiral continues!

The truth is these are just BULLSHIT marketing strategies to get you to part with your money so somebody else can get rich off the back of your misery.

Being overweight doesn’t make you less important

Love yourself.

Know that you deserve to be loved by others as well.

When you are overweight all you can see is the weight on the scales and the image in the mirror and think you don’t deserve somebodies love. It is an all-consuming vicious circle. We lose sight of all the wonderful and amazing qualities we have that other people see and when they complement you on these qualities you push them away because you don’t feel you deserve their praise.


It does not matter what the scales says or what the person in the mirror looking back at you says you are a beautiful and wonderful person and you need to start loving yourself. Not until you accept you for who you are and see all the positive things you bring to other people’s lives will you bring change to your own life.

Please take a few minutes today and write down every single positive quality about yourself that you can think of and if you have to get help from others that is no harm either. I bet you will be amazed at how many good qualities you have and they will far out weight any number that comes out on the scales.