about us

Our Mission

We like to say that we aim “For Everyday Performance” This means that we improve athletes to perform at their best and for people to be able to go about their everyday life with more comfort and ease.

We aim to make everyone that comes into our facility life a fuller happier healthier life.

What our facility has to offer you

We are a one stop shop for all your health and performance needs. 

We have a treatment room with a host of different treatments to help you with all your injuries.

Our gym is also fully equiped with free weigths. 

We also are the only facility in Ireland to have a EPTE Inertial Machine.


Who are we?


I founded JDSC 6 years ago with the aim of improving the health and wellness of the community as well as improving the athletic performance of the local athletes.

I am a qualified massage therapist, dry needling practitioner, precision nutrition certified coach as well as youth training specialist and physical preperation coach involved with local GAA teams as well as Kildare GAA.


I studied Architectural Technology for 4 years in college and then realised I could not work in that environment so I started the road to become a Nueromuscular Physical Therapist, Strenght & Conditioning Coach and a Certified TPI Professional. 

I try to link all my qualifications to get the best results for our clients. I provide pitchside treatment for Dublin Bus FC in the Leinster Senior League. 

Where we come from?

We come from outside Ardgroom, a small village in West Cork where we both played football and worked on our farm and on a local Mussel Farm aswell