online Training

Tired of going to the gym with no direction

Why use online training?

So you go to your local gym. You look around and can see equipment that you do not know what they are used for and how they will benefit you. So you decide to go in the treatmill, the cross trainer or stepper and you work up a sweat, but did you really maximise your membership and effect your health in a meaningful way. 

Do you have goals that you want to achieve but do not know what direction you should take to accomplish that goal. We can provide that  direction for you to follow and as you grow your goals will change and the programmes will change as you go to keep challenging you and pushing you where you want to go.

We deliver our online training platform using True Coach. with this we are training people all over ireland and the world as far as Australia.

On this platform there will be videos explaining the exercises to you, you will have access to your trainer through the APP and other methods you have agreed with your trainer.