My Pillars of Successful Training

Developing a successful training program is not as easy as it seems.

We have a tendency to make things seem more simple than they are so that if it goes wrong we have a nice simple solution.

Every day we give something more value than it deserves.

It is just our nature we have to put a value on something and give it status.

This is something I can see particularly in the fitness industry.

You walk in to any gym and ask any coach how important is nutrition to getting results in training. That trainer is going to give you and answer in the region of 50%-60%. You will get some trainers may even go as high as 80%.

These answers are simple not true and are quite naive.

These trainers are failing to look at the bigger picture.

They either fail to realize how all the other factors that play such an important part in the client getting the result they are after. Or they are just completely oblivious to them.

Every trainer will have slightly different pillars to their system.

My pillars of successful training are:

  1. Mind-set and social support,
  2. Nutrition and supplements,
  3. Healthy sleep cycles,
  4. Healthy stress management,
  5. Quality of movement,
  6. Training smart and
  7. A recovery program.

There are a lot of important pillars there that need to be addressed for anybody to get optimal results. I don’t think any of these can be overlooked because they all tie in together and are all interconnected.

Let’s say we give nutrition 50% that just gives us 50% to divide out between training, recovery, sleep, movement, mind-set and stress management. So then we have to ask ourselves how to divide this 50% between all these factors and why we think one is more important than the other.

Hopefully by the end when you have allotted each pillar it’s percentage you might come back and look again.

You may say, “well hang on I have given nutrition 50% and stress management say 5% but if stress management is not addressed and correctly dealt with then my nutrition will fall off the band wagon sooner rather than later. Or the training program will become too much for me so maybe it should get more than 5%.”

No pillar is more important than the other.

They are all important in their own right. If they are all not addressed properly and with the same focus and determination to get right, you will not be building on a strong foundation and cracks will start to appear and your training will falter.

From my list of pillars you can see there are a total of 7 and for me each and every one carries the same importance as the next. If I do not address one then we will not get the results we want and anybody who pays us money to train them will be sold short and will not be getting the best from us.

That is what is really important here.

We are providing a service and a persona of excellence to the public. Yet if a coach is not willing to work his or her ass off researching and educating themselves to get their clients the best results possible. Then they are not a good coach and they are not in the field for the right reasons.

Yes we all want to make money. It is an integral part of life and without it we would be screwed. But if you really ask why somebody wanted to become a coach the best will always say to improve the life of others.

That is why I became a coach and that is what I want for you.