Medicine is bonkers

Modern medicine is no longer fulfilling its intended purpose.

Yes it is hugely important and can be fantastic in the case of medical emergency but after that it gets a bit lost. It is great at treating acute problems but chronic health problems have been taken over by drugs.

It is the health service but it seems to have forgotten what health means.

Medicine hijacking

The pharmaceutical companies have hijacked the health industry. They have come up with a magic tablet for every ailment under the sun. Doctors are on a commission from these drug companies. The more of the drug they sell the more money they get from drug companies.

All clinical trials of these drugs are funded by the exact drug company that is making them.

Do you really think you are giving us the full picture and the most accurate information on these drugs?

The scientists that do the studies are in positions directly funded by these drug companies. That doesn’t seem very objective or unbiased research.

Of course research results are going to be altered and made to look as though the drug is effective. Possible side effect glossed over. Not the mention the effectiveness of these drugs being blown up disproportionately.

Lost and confused

Doctors are getting fed this information from drug companies. They don’t have the time to sift through all the scientific studies. They are busy people trying to earn their living as well and help as many people as they can. So they just read the conclusions from the study at most or else take the word of the pharmaceutical sales rep.

When you go into your doctor they don’t have the time to sit there and chat with you. They can’t get to the root cause of your problems. They have so much to get through they can only afford to give you 12 minutes of their time. According to a study done recently.

2 minutes of that is taken up by the obligatory meet and greet. The next 7-8 minutes is taken up by you explaining your health concerns and then doing their examinations. The remainder is made up of them telling you what is wrong and prescribing your magic pill.

How can you decipher what is wrong with a person in 7-8 minutes. The human body is a complex organism and there are a lot of things going on in your body. You may go presenting with this or that ailment but what else is going on to cause that problem?

Unless you can be prescribed a tablet then nobody cares what is really wrong with you.


I know a man who walked into his doctors surgery for a check up. His blood pressure was elevated and his cholesterol was also elevated according to the doctor.

The was no question of looking at the mans lifestyle. His work patterns, sleep patterns, his exercise patterns nor his eating patterns.

The first thing that was done was to take out the prescription pad and write out a prescription for blood pressure medication and cholesterol medication.

How is that going to work?

This man got into a state of health where his cholesterol and blood pressure were elevated. The doctor gave him tablets to solve the problem without looking at the cause of the problem.

Now if this man goes off continues to live the life he has been leading but takes the tablets where do you think he is going to end up?

His blood pressure and cholesterol became elevated because he was going down the wrong path. Taking this tablet is going to mask his bad lifestyle patterns that are effecting his health so badly. This man will then go on and if the tablets do work he is going to feel everything is ok again.

The exact same destruction of his body is still going on though. The only thing is now it is being hidden.

The solution

The medical professionals need to step down off their high horse.

Stop looking down their noses at other members of the health and fitness industry and collaborate all our efforts to help people lead a healthier life.

Ego is a terrible thing and it is even worse when we allow it blind us from the truth.

None of us have all the answers for everything we need to work as a team to help build and promote health.

Doctors have a place. Physios have a place. Yoga practitioners have a place. Gym trainers have a place. Nutritionists have a place.

It is all about working together! When we work together then we can all offer our expert knowledge from our area to build true long lasting resolute healthy people.

I would love to see a community network group set up between all members of the health industry. One where they all work together and patients can bounce from one to another as required. This is what will build a healthy community. Not everyone trying to do their own thing and have the largest portion of the pie for themselves.