Is life passing you by?

My aim for this article is to get you to look critically at your life.

Are you really happy? Do you wake up every morning full of excitement at the beginning of another day. Or are you tired, lethargic and struggle to get out of the bed? If so there is something missing in your life and only you hold the answer to what that thing is!

We spend all of our working week looking forward to the weekend or our next day off.

Or spend our month’s waiting for that amazing holiday that we have booked.

When they are over we start the cycle again. We spend our time wishing away the days until the weekend again or until the next holiday! Why do we do this?

What is it that is so terrible about our lives that stops us from living in the present? Einstein once said the definition of insanity is to keep repeating the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. This is what the majority of us do on a daily basis.

Afraid of failing

We start of our year with all these great and wonderful resolutions. By the end of January most of us have fallen off the band wagon and give up on our resolution. We revert back to the way things have always been. We are comfortable with our life and too afraid to challenge ourselves just in case that we might fail.

But is failing really such a bad thing?

We spend our infant years constantly trying things and failing at them when we initially try them. That doesn’t stop us we getting back up and trying again and again until we eventually master it. We do this as infants because it is only through this constant challenging of ourselves do we really grow!

So why is it that as adults we think it is acceptable to stop this process of growing. Just because we have reached a certain age and hand over responsibility of our lives to other people?

Men are the worst offenders for this, how many men have you heard refer to their wives as the boss? This may consciously only be said as a joke. Subconsciously so many men find a wife that can replace their mothers and make all the big decisions for them. This is so that they will have no responsibility for things when and if they go wrong.

Adults or overgrown children?

Until you can take full responsibility for your actions and your life you are not an adult!

What is it that makes us so dependent on other people’s approval?

We are afraid to try something new just in case we fail?

More often than not the people that make the most noise about other people’s short comings are precisely the ones that are most depressed with their own lives. They are just jealous that they don’t have the balls to try something new to change it. They try to prevent others from it also just so they don’t feel as bad!

So why care what these people have to say?

Why let these people suck the life out of you as well?

It is time to stand up and take responsibility for your life and your actions. For all those people truly happy with their lives as it stands I admire you and for those that are not you really have to think why this is!

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