Is it time to start really educating our farmers?

For decades now farmers have been passing land down from one generation to the next. The generation acquiring the land do the same thing that was done before.

Just because it was done before you does not mean that it is the correct thing to do!!

Soil is being misused for decades. Look at the state we find ourselves in at the moment, we have soil eroding at a rate of 10 million hectares a year worldwide. That is a direct result of man’s ignorance to proper farming techniques. 99.7% of all human food comes from the land. If we continue on this path we find ourselves on it will not be long before we are all extinct.

Chemical labs not farms

NPK fertilizers have been used on the land since they were first developed in 1903. This was accompanied in the farmers arsenal later by pesticides, fungicides etc. This has led to unhealthy soil that is nutrient and mineral deficient. This mineral and nutrient deficiency passes on to the plants growing on the soil, then to the animal or human eating the plant.

Is it any wonder that there is sickness and disease everywhere we look in today’s world. The use of these chemicals has meant that farmers no longer needed to fertilize the soil by natural means. Using manure and other waste products from the farm to develop a good humus rich top soil. In doing so replacing all the minerals removed from the soil. Instead we have opted to use this easy and fast option of applying chemicals.

To speak metaphorically chemical fertilizers can be compared to the growth of a flower. It is a short, quick burst of growth and is not sustained. Whereas natural humus fertilization can be compared to the growth of a tree it is long, slow and sustainable!

Education is the answer

How many farmers today are aware of people like Sir Albert Howard, Friend Sykes, Charles Darwin’s book on the earthworm, Newman Turner or even Rudolf Steiner.

These were all great agriculturists and really understood the soil and how to farm properly and sustainable. They knew the importance of the soil and looking after it maintaining a good rich top soil.

It is not until we change our farming habits to a process used by these leading lights in agriculture will we be able to say that we are farmers. To be a farmer you have to first of all look after your most important capital of all, the soil. Unfortunately not many farmers today fully understand how to look after the soil. It should be the mantra of every farmer that we will pass on the land that we so fortunately inherit in the same or better condition in which we were entrusted with it. However this will never happen without proper education.

341 thoughts on “Is it time to start really educating our farmers?”

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