I don’t have time to eat healthy!

“I don’t have time to eat healthy”

This is a statement that I hear on a regular basis from all sorts of people. This isn’t really the case, it is just the get out of jail free card that people play. That way they can continue doing what they are doing. Even when they know it is detrimental to their long term health and happiness.

The problem is they have become too comfortable eating this rubbish food. They are now are too lazy to make the changes required.

“You wait until you have children” is another favorite excuse that people use.

The real fact is that these people just don’t want to put in the effort that it takes to be really healthy. Because yes it does take effort and a bit of work. But more importantly it requires a change in mentality.

The people that tell you that they simple don’t have the time to spend preparing healthy meals. These are the very same people that will waste hours watching T.V.

Were did they find the time in their day to sit on their couch vegetating watching some rubbish on T.V?  Yet they still couldn’t find the time to have a healthy meal.

I smell a rat

This is B.S!! We just need to start practicing good habits and get them so ingrained into our daily routine! We all have things that we find important in our lives. But to really be healthy we have to look at how we spend our days and really analyse how we spend or waste our time. We need to cut out all the pointless crap and really focus on what is important!

Use your time wisely

How many of you after dinner spend the majority of your evening before you go to bed sitting on the couch watching something on the T.V?

This is the time that we need to make the most of. Take this opportunity to prepare a good healthy breakfast and lunch for the following day!

“But I am too tired when I get home from work” how often have you heard this excuse pass your lips? When you ask what time that person went to bed it will often be close to midnight or past it. Is it any wonder you are tired then?

We have become slaves to the T.V. Our lives are so boring we have to live life through the people we watch every night. This is why reality T.V has become so popular in recent times.

It is time to take control of your life. Educate yourself on why good nutrition is so important.

Turn of the T.V and go prepare a really good meal or get of your ass and go for a walk!

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