Gym rules are your cue to run

Gym rules have become very popular in gyms over the past while you see this in nearly every gym.

Gym rules that are sprayed on the wall somewhere in big fancy letters for the trainers and the trainees to see.

This is like a badge of honor in some gyms to say “look at what we demand from you and ourselves”.

They are just a chest beating load of B.S though

Somewhere on that list you will almost always see this rule.


Now I am not sure why this one makes the list. Maybe the person coming up with the rules couldn’t come up with anything else or they think that it sounds good.

Really though this should be a given no matter where you go.

If it is something that your gym has to write on the wall as a rule then maybe there are some more fundamental problems within gym. I don’t know about you but it would definitely set some alarm bells going in my head.

I definitely wouldn’t be in a rush to hand over my hard earned cash to train there.

Do you really think so little of me?

What does it say about the owner themselves or the employees? If they had to write that on the wall to remind themselves to be honest are they people you want around you. These are definitely not a group of people I want to be around.

Of course you could argue that this rule is more for the person training than the trainer. That is still not any better if you ask me. Do you really think so little of the people in your gym that you think you need to tell them to be honest?

Or maybe we mean honesty of effort. Again that should be a given if the training program is done out properly and your training is being properly supervised. Nobody is going to really push themselves outside of their comfort zone, that is just how life is. That is why a trainer is so important. A good trainer will always push you close to your limits and that is how you improve.

“Be honest” should never be a gym rule.
Honesty is something we should all have and bring with us into every part of life.

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